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Customers of this service shall acknowledge the Terms and Conditions Of Service, which form the rules, and/or policies that may, from time to time, be altered at the discretion of Queensland Window Cleaning.

This agreement and the Terms and Conditions Of Service comprise the entire agreement between the “Customer” and “QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING”, and shall supersede any prior agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter contained herein.
Customer/s using this service shall agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Terms of Service.

  1. 1)  OBLIGATIONS of QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING. To act with respect to each service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions Of Service. The duties and responsibilities of QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING shall be limited to those expressly set forth in these Terms and Conditions Of Service and it shall not be subject to, or obligated to recognize, any other agreement between, or direct or instruction of, any or all of the parties to any such transaction.

    QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING shall endeavour to, and at all times, provide a level of service, and to the best of its ability, to provide its Customers, with their windows cleaned and/or only the specific items listed on the provided proposal. Extra services can be provided but must be approved by both the customer and Queensland window cleaning prior to any works commencing, and must have an updated proposal accepted by the customer.

    QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING shall not have the right, authorisation or permission, from the Customer to disclose its personal details,

  2. 2)  TERMINATION - QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING reserves all rights to terminate an application for use of the Service. Should a Customer, object to any of these Terms Of Service or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with the Service in any way, they should immediately notify QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING and discontinue use of the Service.
  3. 3)  PAYMENT - QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING accepts payment by “Cash”, “Cheque”, “Credit Card” and “direct deposit” however, we strongly recommend to all customers of QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING, to convert cash currency into “Money Order Cheque”, “Personal Cheque” or “Bank Cheque” before mailing payment. While QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING guarantees the security of payment in cash once it has been received at its office, it can not, guarantee the safe and secure transit via the conventional mail service and therefore, shall not be held responsible for loss of cash payment sent in this method.
  4. 4)  TERMS OF PAYMENT shall be COD on the date of invoice/statement unless otherwise stated by QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING to the customer.

    Administration fee is payable on all overdue accounts at $15 per calendar month.

  5. 5)  These Terms and Conditions of Service constitute the entire Contract between the customer and QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING, andthecustomershallnotimposeanytermsand/orconditionsuponQUEENSLANDWINDOWCLEANING. Uponacceptanceofthe proposal, the customer accepts each and all of these terms and conditions of service, including the following – cleaning of glass does not include the removal of residue, paint, plaster, stickers, sealant etc. tracks and frames are also not included in the proposal of window cleaning unless specified by QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING. Tracks and Frames are listed separately on the proposal.
  6. 6)  The customer will be liable to fully pay QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING the costs and expenses QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING incurs from solicitors, barristers, legal advisors, mercantile agents and any other persons or agents acting on behalf of QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING on a solicitor and own client basis, in recovery or attempted recovery of overdue accounts.
  7. 7)  (A)The customer will notify QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING in writing of any changes in its commercial structure of control whatsoever and including any change to partners, directors or shareholders within (7) days of the date of any such change, and the customer agrees that any such notice given will only be deemed given if actually acknowledged by QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING in writing as received.

    (B)The customer agrees to indemnify QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING against any loss whatsoever or howsoever arising as a result of any breach by the customer of paragraph 9(A) hereof (C) In the event of any change in the customers trading structure as envisaged by paragraph 9(A) hereof, the customer agrees to remain firstly liable for services invoiced to it or its agents until written notice is received by the customers from QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING of credit approval being granted to the customers new restructure entity.

  8. 8)  The customer agrees that all contracts made with QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING shall be deemed to be made in the state of Queensland and the customer further agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate court in Queensland nominated by QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING or its Agents.
  9. 9)  If QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING grants any credit facility or nominates any credit limit, this is an indication only of its intention at the time of such granting or nomination. QUEENSLAND WINDOW CLEANING can vary or withdraw any and all credit facilities at any time at its complete unfettered discretion and without any liability whatsoever or howsoever to the customer or any party/parties claiming through the customer or otherwise.