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How QWC Clean Your Fly Screens


Cleaning fly screens can be a fussy, messy chore most homeowners would rather avoid. However, not only are dirty fly screens unattractive, they are inefficient, blocking the ability of fresh air to pass through their mesh. QWC can clean your screens so that they will look great and let that fresh air back into the home.

Cleaning Removable Fly Screens

Many fly screen doors and window coverings can be very difficult to removed. At QWC our professional window cleaners are trained to do this without any damage to the screen.

We take great care in cleaning your screens, they are washed with a mild detergent then we rinse gently using a garden hose. While pressure will effectively remove debris, too much water pressure may stretch the fly screen or even pull the edges out of their housings. Turn the screen around and scrub again.

Cleaning Fixed Security Screens

The challenge of cleaning fixed screens lies in avoiding getting too much water on your window sills and floor. QWC use special water fed brushes, with low pressure; they are then wiped on the inside with a damp cloth.

Cleaning fly screens is never a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

If you get this service from us, you will be guaranteed that you get sparkling, professional results.

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