Ever wondered how window cleaners in Brisbane clean those high windows?

June 5, 2017 Justin

Window cleaners Brisbane

Falls from heights are a major workplace hazard resulting in fatalities and injuries across a broad range of industries, with the construction industry accounting for 27 per cent of all related injury claims.”  WorkSafe Media Release.

Working on ladders is a huge hazard.

So at Queensland window cleaning we like to minimize the risk by using Water Fed Poles.

The use of these poles eliminates the risk of falls and at the same time gives you a clean sparkling window.

Employer Duties

All employers have a general duty of care under Section 21 of the OHS Act to provide and maintain a healthy and safe workplace, systems of work and plant for employees and others.

So even if there are no specific regulations on ladders, the employer must take all reasonable steps to make sure that any risks associated with working on ladders are eliminated or reduced as much as possible.