How to clean Solar Panels?

September 14, 2017 Justin

Why Clean My Solar Panels?

In the event that your rooftop is dusty and dirty, leaf or feathered creature droppings, cleaning your panels frequently is a smart thing to do. The more dirt there is covering your panels, the less electricity your panels produce.

Truth be told, an investigation directed at Google’s 1.6MW solar ranch in Mountain View California, discovered filthy panels could experience the ill effects of diminished energy output of up to 25%.

They additionally found that cleaning the panels was “the number one way to maximize the energy they produce.”


Step by step instructions to Tell if My Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned


There are two approaches to tell if your solar panels need a clean: a physical assessment or outside observing.


1) Physical Inspection

A simple approach to check whether your panels are filthy is to get up on your rooftop and basically investigate. Guarantee you take the best possible safety measures, and in case you’re not happy with getting up there yourself, you can simply hire a professional solar cleaner to investigate for you.

In the event that you see thick layer of dust on your panels, bird droppings, including bark, leaves or other litter, it might mean it’s the ideal opportunity for a solar clean.


2) Monitoring

By closely checking your inverter, you can monitor how much power your solar is delivering.

On the off chance that the sum appears to have diminished due to no other reasons (for instance changing of seasons) the reason may be solar related.



The most effective method to Clean Solar Panels


In the event that you’ve chosen to clean your solar panels, you can decide to either do it without anyone else’s help, or contract a professional solar cleaner.



1) Before cleaning, check with your solar panel maker to check whether they have a method for cleaning.

2) Panels get warm when under the sun, so attempt and clean your panels when the sun is not at its highest, for instance in the morning or evening.

3) For safety reasons, make sure your solar system is turned off.

4) Fill a can with water and get a non-abrasive soft cloth. Do Not use abrasive materials this will result in scratching your panels.

5) For solar panels, clean water and a firm yet light hand is sufficient to expel even the most unyielding grime. Ensure you only wash the top glass portion of the panels, and don’t clean the wire underneath.

6) If the water you’re using to clean your panels is mineral rich (hard), ensure your squeegee them dry to keep away from leaving hard water stains on your panels.


Contract a Professional

In case you’re not open to getting up on your rooftop to clean your panels yourself, or can’t get to your rooftop securely, Queensland window cleaning can help you, we use a pure water system and specially designed brushes to clean the solar panels without damaging them.